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Study Abroad Consultant & IELTS Coaching Institute.

CONSIGNER OVERSEAS EDUCATION study abroad consultants are planned to be a network of professionally managed organizations that give solutions for students who want study abroad and settlement options for people who want to immigrate abroad. We know that in the twenty-first century, education and immigration programs must achieve specific standards.

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Free Consultation

Free one-on-one counseling for students who are interested in studying abroad. The professionals in this area can answer all of your questions about admissions, forthcoming intakes, top courses and colleges, scholarships, post-study job rights, and the Visa procedure.

Faster Processing

Define the purpose and goals of your study abroad content. Are you providing information, inspiration, or guidance?


Partner with universities, study abroad agencies, or other organizations for co-branded content. Sharing costs can make content creation more affordable..

Trusted by Clients

99% of our students receive acceptance from their desired universities.

Visa Assistance

Prepare your visa applications and help you lodge them with the relevant authorities in the country you’re choosing to study in

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99% of our students receive acceptance from their desired universities.